Drenthe European Community of Sport 2019

The representatives of the 12 municipalities and the provence of Drenthe are rewarded with the title ‘European Community of Sport’ during the ACES Europe Award gala in the European parlement in Brussels. The evaluation committee found in Drenthe the example how sport can be used within the society and came to a positive judgment for Drenthe as Sport Region. De title ‘European Community of Sport 2019’ is a crowning on all activities that are being organised, often with many volunteers, in sport en exercise. This has been noticed, even over the national borders, that makes us very proud.

And now we are the European Community of Sport 2019…

The European Community of Sport title is the reward for the delivered performances. But in contrast to many sports titles we do not work towards this title, it is certainly not an end goal. We will work with the title to improve sport and exercise in Drenthe. To contribute to a sportive, healthy and social Drenthe.

Long before the awarding at the 4th of december 2018 we consulted 200 involved in the world of sport in Drenthe. We spoke abuot the opportunitie to extend this title to the max. That deliverd a lot, in summary:


  • Build on everything there is in the respect of sport, excercise and health
  • The situation must be better on the first of january 2020 than 2019, with sustainable vision in the future
  • How can we improve Drenthe by using the power of sport and excercise
  • Community of Sport must lead to more link


  • The effect of CoS2019 is above all helathy, social and linking
  • It aims on the own inhabitants as wel as the inhabitants of the Netherlands
  • Strenghts are links, voltunteers, network and willing to cooperation
  • It is about sport and exercise for everyone (not about topsport)

This resulted in a program displayed in this schedule, it is a structure to link what we do to deliver, an the results. The schedule is based on the impuls this titles generates. We think this is teh best way to extend the assumptions and wishes. Download the schedule here (it is in dutch).

“Doing is in our nature, the sport stands strong in Drenthe and we want the title, because all those people who are so committed to the sport in Drenthe deserve it.”, Henk Jumelet.

“There is a lot going on in our provence, but modesty is our second nature. This is the moment we have to shine.”, Roger de Groot