Exploration of the Future of Sport

De provence Drenthe is pilot for a regional exploration of the future in sport. This is made possible by RIVM, Mulier Instituut, Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten, het kenniscentrum Sport en NOC*NSF. The National Sport Future Exploration and the National Sport Agreement are the reason to think about the future of sport regional and local. The 50th anniversary of SportDrenthe and the title Drenthe European Community of Sport make Drenthe THE candidate for this pilot.


The ministry of VWS wants to support regions and municipalities and the local sportsworld to make a future-proof policy by:

  • Stimulating reginal and local sports agreements
  • Stimulate better interpretation, understanding and utilization of local and regional data
  • Stimulate ‘communities of practice’
  • Develop a practical toolkit of data, interpreational instruments and a guide for local and regional sportsagreements

2017 SFE

In 2017 was the national Sport Future Exploration executed, the approach was:

  • De SFE is meant to sharpen thoughts about the future
  • It is about the future of sport and exercise up until 2030, starting from simalar policy
  • Policy that focusses on wide assignment effects other assignments
  • It is a start tot a more sportive Holland
  • 4 perspectives that view the diversity of thoughts about sports
  • There have been 80 experts and 100 stakeholders working on the SFE

Drentse SFE

Where are we now –> Local Trends –> assignments > prioritising > policy options

  • On the basis of 21 core indicatores and analyses of policy
  • Develop local trend indicators
  • Assignments/chances and policy options will be viewed

What are we going to do:

  • Make a link to the trajectory of ‘working on prevention’, Drenthe doet mee en positive health
  • Three provincial sessions explore the future
  • Local policy analyses
  • Possible local SFE-sessions

Intended Results

Eventually there will be a provincial vission (that may be the start for a provincial sportsagreement) on sport and exercise in 2030 and a jointly section on the theme of prevention (that may be a part of a provincial prevention agreement).

It goves opportunities and chances on:

  • Inclusive sport and excercise
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Vital providers
  • Positive sports culture
  • From youth..
  • Topsports and sports talent

Kickoff Round of the future Drenthe 18th january

During the newyear event of Community of Sport 2019 at the TT Circuit were attendees asked how they look at the future of sports in Drenthe. Not only were they asked for their dreams, but also what they need AND what they will bring themselves.

Mieke Zijl will form her role as sportprojectmanager at SportDrenthe coordinate the project. She asked attendees at the beginning of a special sportsyear to share their persepctive for the future in 4 ‘stops’:

  1. What is your sport ambition for Drenthe?
  2. What do you need to realise this future image?
  3. Make a polaroid picture and show your contribution
  4. How is your Drentse inspiration when it comes to sport and exercise?

The multiple polaroid pictures with personal notes on the picture to the left show how involved the sportsworld of Drenthe is.