Drenthe has as European Community of Sport 2019 13 proud community’s

Every township AND the province of Drenthe is European Community of Sport 2019. We are proud at the title and we want to show this as much as possible.

The Selfie Spot made a tour threw the whole provence all year. And we have made a Toolkit whom everyone can use freely. In the toolkit you find the Community of Sport logo’s (for Drenthe and for every township). Extra we provide a flag, a beachflag and a fencing banner. De Drenthe versions are available, aks Hans Derks of threw SportDrenthe.

You can download the toolkit, logo’s in high resolution en webresolution en de pdf’s for the beachflag, flag en fencing banners.

For any questions you can ask Hans Derks or SportDrenthe.

De hekwerkbanner

Het logo

De gevelvlag

De Beachflag

Download here Toolkit CoS2019 Drenthe

Download here the Toolkit per township

Toolkit Aa en Hunze
Toolkit Assen
Toolkit Borger-Odoorn
Toolkit Coevorden
Toolkit De Wolden
Toolkit Emmen
Toolkit Hoogeveen
Toolkit Meppel
Toolkit Midden-Drenthe
Toolkit Noordenveld
Toolkit Tynaarlo
Toolkit Westerveld